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Leeann Ridley - A Champion Athlete
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Leeann Ridley - A Champion Athlete

“When I found Doug on Instagram I was instantly drawn in by his message and the image of better health. It took me a couple months to get the courage to message him and ask but I’m so glad I did. I wanted to be a better jockey, a better mom and overall just be a better me. I am a full time ranch wife with a very busy life that we try to smash livestock shows and rodeo into. Doug put together a program just for me and I can’t even say enough about it. I was in a horse wreck this summer and I walked way with a small bruise but no body soreness which I fully believe is because of the work Doug has help me do. I get compliments all the time and everyone asks me what are you doing, I recommend Champion Living with out thinking twice. He is helping me reach my goals inside the arena and out.”

-Leeann Ridley

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