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Jared S- A Champion Athlete
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Jared S- A Champion Athlete

“I started riding saddle bronc a few years back and was real excited for what the future held. But after a few injuries and some rough times, I took a whole year off from riding, gained weight and got out of shape thinking I wouldn’t ride again. But then I messaged Doug and talked to him about all of it and he helped me to get my mind right and helped me get back in shape. I’ve lost 10 pounds and am getting close to crawling back in that saddle again. I can’t thank him enough for helping whip me into shape, helping me get that hunger to chase down my dreams again!


He makes sure to check in on you everyday after workouts and see how they went and what could improve. And makes sure to call and talk once a month to make sure everything is going good. So grateful for Champion Living, Couldn’t ask for a better coach to help you get back to doing what you love!”

-Jared S

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