Optimal Performance Academy

 Professional Rodeo Athlete Development

The Optimal Performance Academy

My name is Doug Champion, I am the Owner and Head Coach of Champion Living Fitness. When I created this business my sole mission was to change the sport of rodeo by introducing proper and sport specific training protocols for athletes at both ends of the arena, stronger and better prepared athletes equals a higher level of competition, which in turn elevates the sport as a whole.

My rodeo career was spent as a bareback rider, I rode bucking horses for over 10 years and learned a lot of lessons the hard way. The bottom line is in the sport of rodeo there is nowhere for rough stock riders to get continuing education on their riding and be taught the professional skills they will need to be successful in professional rodeo. Sure, there are tons of opportunities to get into the sport, free schools happen frequently where guys can go learn how to ride or figure out the basics, but there hasn't been a place where athletes that are already competing can go to to fine tune their riding skills, get on quality stock to match what they need to work on, and learn how to become a business minded person as well as an athlete.

This is the void that the Optimal performance Academy is aimed to fill! This IS NOT A SCHOOL, this is an Athlete Development Camp designed to give rodeo athletes the resources to not only better themselves in the arena but also conquering the professional and life skills needed to run a successful business and be successful in the sport of Professional Rodeo.

What We Teach:

- Sport Specific Workouts & Mobility

-Mental Development & Goal Setting For Rodeo Athletes 

- Basic Nutrition For Sports Performance in Rodeo Athletes

- Budgeting 101: Typical Expenses Incurred Throughout A Season & How To Set Up A Budget

- Social Media: How To Build Your Presence on Social Media & What Sponsors Are Looking For in Athletes

- PRCA & PBR Entering Strategies 

Who is this Academy for?

You want to make the circuit finals this year.

You want to make the permit finals this year.
Someone who is thinking about buying their Prca permit this year.

Athletes who finished Top 40 and below in PRCA Standings

College Rodeo Athletes

Advanced High School Athletes moving onto college or Prca competition in the next year or two.

- You have been on more than 50-100 head and are needing more direction and want to compete in PRCA or PBR

For those aspiring to make a mark in the circuit finals, permit finals, or contemplating a PRCA permit, the Optimal Performance Academy is your guiding light. Join us at the Optimal Performance Academy and empower yourself not only as a formidable rodeo athlete in the arena but also as a savvy business professional, equipped with the skills to navigate the challenges of the sport. 

This is where excellence meets opportunity, and champions are forged not just in the arena but in life, let's redefine what's possible in rodeo together.

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