About the Champion Living Podcast

In this trailblazing, first of its kind podcast, listeners have access to everything Fitness, Nutrition, and Mindset as it pertains to the modern day Professional Rodeo Cowboy/Athlete.

Listen in each week as host, Doug Champion, owner and CEO of Champion Living Fitness, brings you honest conversations with his coaching staff about current events in Professional Rodeo, as well as fitness and nutrition tips for all walks of life. You may also learn some things about how to improve your mindset to overcome fear and start achieving what you know you’ve always been capable of.

The Champion Living team shares our personal experiences along with our industry knowledge to help show our listeners the “approachable” way to achieve their fitness and nutrition goals. As well as how these things set you up for success in the rest of your life, not just the gym or the arena!

Meet the host

Doug Champion

Doug Champion began his journey as a coach with Crossfit as a Level 1 coach in 2013. Since then, he has gained his Opex Certified Coaching Certificate.

Through his experience as a professional rodeo cowboy for five years and almost a decade as a coach and personal trainer, he has created the only proven rodeo specific training program available today.

Him, along with his team build completely individualized programs for anyone and everyone; from guys and girls that want to be fit for a specific hobby or upcoming competition, to your everyday parent who just has a desire to be able to play with their kids and not be out of breath.

Our mission is to teach our clients the way to reach their full potential not just in the gym, but in the way of life.