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Debbie Fabrizio -A Champion Athlete

Debbie Fabrizio -A Champion Athlete

“I am a very active person.  Since childhood I have been involved with athletics, mainly basketball, horses, and rodeo (my passion in this life).


I have always worked out in various disciplines to stay in shape, and then discovered running was my favorite activity for cardio, and literally ran 3.5 miles everyday for nearly 15 years.


Until I discovered that from a previous horse accident I had fractured my hip, which led to Avascular Necrosis.  The only solution was to have a full hip replacement.  The surgery went smoothly, and I was back to normal life within a few weeks.  However doctor’s orders were you can do any physical activity except running.  So I needed to find something new!


My daughter was, and is currently training with Doug, and per her recommendations and referral I gave Doug a call, told him  what I was looking for, and started training 3 days a week with Doug. The rest is history……


I feel like not only my hip, and leg, are nearly like new again, but my entire physical condition has improved dramatically.  The workouts are not easy, but they work.  Doug is not only a great trainer, but he is also very motivational.  And I feel like he listens to my individual goals, and designs the workouts for me and my issues, they are not cookie cutter moves by any means.


I would totally recommend Doug as your next personal trainer!!”

-Debbie Fabrizio

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