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Jayda L- A Champion Athlete
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Jayda L- A Champion Athlete

“Hi! My name is Jayda , I’m 25 and I’ve been working with Doug for a few months now. He has changed my perspective of myself not only physically but also mentally. I’ve played sports my whole life but I’d say that I’m at my prime now because of him. 


I’ve attached a few pictures of where I was at at the beginning and where he has gotten me now. I’ve lost two pants sizes , toned areas I thought I never could , and even got my mile run down from 11 minutes to 8:20! Crazy I know.


I’ve always thought no I can’t do it whether it was lifting a bit heavier, running faster without feeling like I’m going to just collapse into my grave , or even do pushups without using my knees. Coming from a girl that had two hip surgeries , lost all confidence in my capabilities and HATES arm day with a burning passion cause I had pancake arms , I can honestly tell you I love working out now to see just what this body can do. 


Champion Living really does get you feeling like a champion if you’re willing to put the work in.”

- Jayda L

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