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Kyleigh M - A Champion Athlete
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Kyleigh M - A Champion Athlete

 I’ve been training with Doug for a few months now and I want to start by saying I wish I had discovered him sooner!  I play collegiate volleyball and when COVID shut down the gyms I knew I had to find an alternative. I contacted Doug and we visited about my goals and what I needed to do to achieve them. We started with the Body Awake program and “wow” I could feel a difference within a few days and see the difference within a couple of weeks. The workouts were challenging but fun, and his constant feedback was motivating and inspirational. Next we moved into band work and weights to improve strength, especially in my shoulders. There were days that I didn’t feel like working out but I didn’t want to let Doug down as he really invested a lot of time in me and personalizing my workouts, and I always looked forward to his comments and feedback. He will be my go to for off-season workouts and I know he will be there if I need any guidance year round as well. Thank you Champion Living for helping me stay on track and be ready for this next season!!

  • Kyleigh M

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