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John Birkholtz - A Champion Athlete
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John Birkholtz - A Champion Athlete

I have been working with @logancorbett88 and Champion Living Fitness for about three months now. After graduating college, I wanted to focus on rodeo and taking my bronc riding to the next level. I’ve always been somewhat consistent in exercising, but I’m terrible at making my own workouts. Logan takes all the guesswork out of fitness and gives me a program specifically tailored for my goals. I wanted a program that requires minimal equipment so I could still work out on the road, and one that focused on shoulder strength, core strength, and explosiveness. After doing these workouts for three months, I feel much more prepared in the bronc riding. Lifting on my rein is easier and more effective, and I am able to keep my shoulders behind my hips much more consistently. There is always work left to do, but I am very happy with the results I’m getting with Champion Living Fitness and I look forward to the future.

- John Birkholtz, PRCA Saddle Bronc Rider

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