What to expect from the Champion Living Team....Step 1

Things to expect from Day 1:

 Step 1 - Initial Consultation:

Goal-Setting- Set the foundation of trust, honesty and authenticity for the coaching relationship. 

-Discuss expectations of you and your coach in the coaching relationship. 

- Get to know your sports and fitness background.

- Discuss your movement limitations and injury history.

- Uncover your motivations, goals and deepest driving forces (identify your WHY).

- Review your lifestyle and nutrition needs- Understand current recovery habits and requirements for the future 

What to expect from the Champion Living Team....Step 2

Assessment- Your coach will put you through an assessment period for 1-3 weeks.

- We will gather qualitative and empirical data in order to establish what areas of your fitness are relative weaknesses and strengths.

- This information will become the foundation for beginning your individual program design process. 

What to expect from the Champion Living Team....Step 3

- Ongoing Program Design and Coaching Support

- All training programs will be delivered through the FitBot application (data tracking, feedback platform, and communication portal)

Your primary coach will write all weekly program designs and will review your weekly results via the TrueCoach App. 

- Our Champion Living coaching team will consult together to develop your individualized long term plan and progressions.

- Every 4-6 weeks you will have a 20-30 min consultations with your coach to review training progress, analyze training videos, review food journals, assess goals and discuss ongoing expectations. (Remote clients will meet via Zoom) Additional Support- Nutritional prescriptions will be prescribed based upon your goals, with ongoing assessment and adaptations as necessary with oversight by primary coach