Natasha McCann

Hey guys, I’m Natasha McCann, a coach here at Champion Living!Fitness has always been a big part of my life and I spent the majority of my childhood and early adulthood with a basketball or hockey stick in hand. I loved being active and was always interested in sports, motorcycles, horses, you name it. I had intended to play basketball in college but that plan was derailed by a motorcycle accident. I changed gears from college basketball and decided to instead work on a ranch full time riding colts. Over the next several years I worked on ranches across Eastern Washington, Wyoming, and Montana. As much as I loved ranching and riding colts, I knew I needed some formal education so I decided to get my EMT license and work on an ambulance part time. 


From there, my interest in the health and fitness industry grew, and I obtained my Personal Training Certification as well as a Massage Therapy License. I am now Board Certified in Clinical Rehabilitation and Orthopedic Manual Therapy. I didn’t want to lose touch with my background of ranching, so it seemed very fitting to start specializing in rehabilitation for rodeo athletes. Now I get the best of both worlds by helping those with the same passions as me. Having a proper fitness regimen has played such a vital roll in my life, not only for the longevity of my body riding colts, but also the everyday application of movements.

 I got in a pretty bad wreck on a colt and ended up breaking C6 and L1-4, and lost over 25 lbs of muscle while on bed rest. Had it not been for my fitness beforehand, and rehabilitation work afterwards, I may very well have been paralyzed. Now, I compete in CrossFit when I can and have hit PR’s in all my lifts within a year of my injury. I can more than vouch for the efficacy of proper training and rehab work!I love being able to help others create healthier lifestyles, reach their potential, and feel healthier whether they are in the arena, roping in the pasture, or everyday in their gym. I look forward to working with you to reach your goals!