Hey guys! I’m Matt Hooks. I have no background in rodeo, but I did wrestle a steer once! In all seriousness though, I’ve been around the rodeo community since I met Doug Champion in 2016. I am a strength and conditioning coach who until now, focused on Olympic Weightlifting athletes. I also competed in weightlifting for four years. I’m what you’d call a local meet hero. Winning local meets that didn’t matter, while never competing nationally. Although I've qualified multiple times. At six foot 4 inches tall, theoretically I’d never really be competitive in weightlifting, but I loved the challenge. I have a PHD in bro science/bodybuilding. Just kidding, I do have an undergraduate in Mechanical Engineering. This speaks more to how my mind works than anything else. I’m meticulous when it comes to proper mechanics/form. The more efficient you move, the better the results will transpire. I’ve made just about every mistake as an athlete. From overtraining to injuries. I believe experiencing and learning from those mistakes have made me a better coach. Looking forward to working with yall!