Hey there! My name is Kaitlin Coward, and I’m a coach here at Champion Living Fitness. I started my personal training career in 2015 at Gold’s Gym in College Station, TX. But that wasn’t the beginning of my fitness journey. I’ve always gravitated to living an active and adventurous life. I started out as a kid doing gymnastics and barrel racing. Then in junior high and high school I focused on basketball, cross country and track. I can honestly say sports is what defined me from then on, teaching me confidence, teamwork, grit, perseverance and leadership. 


I left for Texas A&M University and quickly saw that the nutrition I once thought I could live off of would no longer fit my less active lifestyle. So I hired a personal trainer for a short amount of time to teach me how to workout without a coach telling me what to do and my world forever changed. I soaked in every bit of knowledge I could on nutrition and fitness. But the more I knew, the more confusing it all became. I fell to the diet culture myths, which created an eating disorder and an unhealthy relationship with working out. One year of being my “thinnest”, I had enough. I wanted to be strong, capable and most of all healthy. I felt a passion in my heart to lead other women AND men to the truth that social media and other trainers couldn’t tell. I continued educating myself and became ACE certified in 2015 pursuing my personal training career. Throughout my 6 years of training, I’ve trained athletes, weekend warriors, new moms, kids, the elderly and everyone in between. My true calling came when I became the head coach of a program at Gold’s Gym, called Gold’s Fit. A functional fitness based program that led anyone from any walk of life to be an overall healthier version of themselves. After leading our Gold’s Fit team to a national championship, I decided to move on from Gold’s Gym and personal train on my own! I create individualized programming remotely here now at Champion Living Fitness and my mission is to provide quality help for anyone, no matter their goal! I am certified as a NASM Women’s Fitness Specialist, AAHF Fitness for Nutrition for Special Dietary Needs Specialist, and currently pursuing a Precision Nutrition certification. I’m really excited to share my passion with you and be a part of your health and fitness journey!