Lane Rowland - A Champion Athlete

My name is Lane Rowland. I’m a 24 year old bareback rider. I’ve been working with Logan and Champion living fitness for about 2 months now. I’ve recently been able to get back into rodeo and knew I wanted to take my performance to the next level. Being active duty army I was a little skeptical about how difficult these workouts could be on me. Logan was able to build me a workout plan that requires some heart and try to finish. I’m seeing great physical Improvements and couldn’t be happier with the results! As a bareback rider, Logan also helps me stay pal oriented, focused and driven. If you’re wanting to step up your game and are on the fence about this program, I say go for it! Invest in your future!


Lane Rowland

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  • Loved watching you ride all the way back to mutton busting when you come off that sheep jumped up took that hat off and thrower it in the air I new you would be a champion some day yes I’m friends with your dad love you guys

    Wilson Payne

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