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Jordan Jo Fabrizio - A Champion Athlete
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Jordan Jo Fabrizio - A Champion Athlete

I have been involved in the western industry since I was little, being involved in all of the essentials that go with horses and cattle. I just thought that I was strong, until I started the Champion Fitness Program! 

When I first saw Champion Living Fitness, I thought, "I am pretty strong, but I want to take my career to the next level." So I got ahold of Doug. It has completely transformed my life, physically, mentally, and emotionally!

I am stronger than ever, fit, and most of all I have more energy than ever before! I have confidence in what I do daily to move one step closer to my outcome, and giving the 1% each and everyday!

In Breakaway Roping it is essential to be strong to be able to ride and rope to my best abilities. Doug has worked with me specifically on the areas of growth that I desired, and has given me some amazing nutritional coaching along the way as well. It is not just about working out, it is also about what we are putting into our body each and everyday. We only have this one body, so we need to feed it with fuel to succeed! 

This program has taken me to the next level, and it can help anyone out there! 

Jordan Jo Fabrizio 

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