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Client Testimonial

Lengthy post here.. a but l've been feeling all the things the past few days & I'm so dang grateful for all the help that's gotten me to where I am right now I have to give credit where it's due!

I am just over a year postpartum and wow pregnancy was a freaking trip! But coach Doug helped me all along the way.

Pregnancy & postpartum are the craziest things my body has ever went through but my heart is so full of gratitude for this body God gave me and all the things it's capable of! Women are superhero's!

Now here I am a whole year into motherhood and let me tell ya, the sleepless nights and illnesses all take their toll! But on those hard days it makes me remember why I wanted to be strong and healthy in the first place.

Showing up to put in the work so I can show up for my baby girl and have the strength to care for her on those harder days. Sometimes all that looked like was just eating clean meals and getting some sunshine, then hitting my workouts again when I got enough sleep. I Learned from Doug that this is enough sometimes too.

Sleep is a priority!

I've worked with Doug for a few years now through ACL injury and recovery, pregnancy, all the things and I have never felt soo good! If you're looking for help on your fitness journey, his team is the most knowledgeable!

Thanks to Doug Champion & my bro Caleb Bennett (also a coach on Doug's team!) for all the constant support & helping me get to my best self!

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