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Rodeo Athletes are you training the right energy system?
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Rodeo Athletes are you training the right energy system?

Here’s the deal, we see and talk to a ton of athletes that constantly ask, is it bad if I run a couple miles after my workout?

And the answer is no, it’s not bad, buuuutttt it serves zero purpose when it comes to improving the performance needed for you to excel in the arena.

So, in the sport of rodeo, each event takes a maximum 20-30 seconds and usually at max intensity. The energy systems that fuels this type of activity are the phosphagen and glycolytic systems. To train these systems we have to train high intensity for 10-20 seconds and resting accordingly, this prepares our body for the demands of our sport and the energy systems needed to perform at the highest level!

Running a few miles after a workout isn’t bad, it just is training a totally different energy system (oxidative) than we need to perform in the sport of rodeo.

So, until we are in an all out foot race with the horses or bulls, let’s stick to high intensity sprints with 1:10-1:20 work:rest ratios 🤘

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