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How To Stay On Track During Summer, But Still Have Fun!
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How To Stay On Track During Summer, But Still Have Fun!

So, here we are in the full swing of summer activities. Vacations, BBQ’s and lake days. I think everyone I've talked with recently is having a difficult time balancing "having fun" and not going off the rails completely with their fitness and nutrition plans.....

The truth is it’s so easy to get wrapped up in all the activities, food, and drinks, so I wanted to share some things I do to help me stay on track but also have a good time! (Its definitely no secret that I like to have a few beers and a good time lol)

Weekends are for Booze ;)

Like I said, I definitely enjoy having some drinks and especially in the summer time. However, with that being said you don't have to drink EVERY opportunity that presents itself.... A random Tuesday night? You probably don’t need that glass of wine. A Sunday Funday at the beach or pool with friends? Sure, enjoy a couple of drinks! Remember that moderation comes in handy though no matter the occasion. It’s much easier to recover and stay on track after a couple than a 12 pack.

Set A Limit -or- Add A Water between Drinks

Before you start boozing, set a limit of how many drinks you're going  to have and then STICK to that number! However, If you're like me and want to exactly the opposite of what you're supposed to do when you set a limit for yourself, add a water in between drinks! So Ill have a cocktail or 2 beers and will make myself have a water, usually by the second water I'm full and the booze doesn't taste as good as it does once I'm "buzzin" already HAHA! (You all know what I'm talking about)

 If you still want to feel social, I’m a big fan of enjoying a flavored seltzer in a glass with a slice of lemon or lime. Taking the time to make my usual seltzer “fancy” with a slice of fresh fruit or berries, taking part in the "ritual" of making the drink but no booze!

Load up on protein and veggies

With so many opportunities to eat and drink during the summer,  make sure the majority of your meals, especially the ones at HOME, are protein- and veggie-heavy. This gives you the opportunity to “free up” your carb and fat grams to give you a little cushion for your fun choices later in the day at the BBQ or pool party! Also, if there are meat and veggie trays, try to eat a plate of those things first before going to the cake or sweets.

Choose the most "Awesome" Foods

This is easy! So you can eat chips and salsa and Doritos, or you can have grandma's homemade potato salad and a piece of her Blackberry cobbler..... which do you pick?  PICK THE AWESOME ONE!!! (If you don't know which is more awesome, we aren't your people 😂) But if you’re going to have an “off track” meal make it worth it. Not something that’s mindless or you really won’t enjoy.

Go grocery shopping on Friday night or early-morning on Saturday or Sunday

Having healthy food in YOUR HOUSE is more than half the battle, so make sure you make grocery shopping a priority at some point! This sets up your weekend and next week for success! Similarly, use a delivery service for the summer if you know getting to the grocery store will be tough for you!

Focus your meal prep on your most challenging macro!

Ask yourself which macro do you have the hardest time hitting? I personally struggle with my protein (which I feel most people do) so my prep day is almost always focused on cooking various forms of meat and fish to have on hand and convenient for each meal! I also add in more protein from supplementation like a protein shake to keep up on my daily nutrient intake while being on the road and go frequently!

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