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How to Get Back in The “Routine” After Having a Baby?
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How to Get Back in The “Routine” After Having a Baby?

How to Get Back in The “Routine” After Having a Baby?

This is a topic I have had a ton of conversation about the last week with a handful of my clients that are currently pregnant or recently had a child! (Ps, congrats to all our new mommas out there!!)

What are the first steps to getting back to working postpartum?

First, you’re body is going to need to rest snd have time to heal after having your baby.

- It takes days and weeks for your body to catch up after giving birth. With hormone levels still
elevated from the pregnancy weeks after, and the possibility that your abdomen will need time to heal from a C section of or a difficult birth!
- You simply can not expect your body to go right back to “normal” pre pregnancy shape!
-Being patient and not pushing yourself to hard is going to be the toughest part for many new moms here who are eager to get moving and back to their routines. However, doing too much, too soon, will result in injury, and ALOT longer recovery process.
- Listen to your Doctor and commit to allowing your body enough time to heal. Then, commit to a quality “resistance training” program to help you gain strength and bounce back!

Secondly, you’re going to need time to adjust to your new life/routine before you will be able to jump into a strict fitness/nutrition.

- This biggest challenge for new mothers we have found is adjusting to their new schedule, that has not only their need to account for but their babies needs as well. (This is a BIG change!)
- You are going to have days where you feel
rested and ready to move and other days where you will certainly be sleep deprived and not feel like working out.... listen to your body, do what your body tells you is has the energy for and you have the time for!
- Don’t get hung up on thinking you have to make it to the gym every day, especially in the beginning of your return to fitness. Completing 10-30 minutes of basic bodyweight resistance movements will be super beneficial!

Many new Mom’s also find that prepping and eating healthy meals is more difficult right after bringing home a new baby. You can successfully find a balance between motherhood and taking care of yourself. However, it is good to acknowledge that it will take some time to adapt to your new role and life.

Getting back in shape after having a baby is not complicated but it can feel that way. You can make the process easier on yourself by having a little patience and setting realistic goals. Once your body is healed and you have adjusted somewhat to life with a newborn, a quality diet coupled with resistance training will get you back to your pre-pregnancy shape.

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