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Fitness in Rodeo: Bodyweight Workouts; What To Do When You Don't Have Any Equipment.
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Fitness in Rodeo: Bodyweight Workouts; What To Do When You Don't Have Any Equipment.

Fitness in Rodeo: Bodyweight Workouts: What to do when you don't have any equipment.

Fitness is already complicated enough with the overabundance of information out there these days, nonetheless trying to figure out what to do when you don't have a gym. I am going to lay out a quick little list of ways to get the most out of your bodyweight workouts when you don't have time to get to the gym, or simply are travelling and don't have access to a gym. I will also include some basic bodyweight workout ideas to help get ya started!

How To Maximize The Benefits Of Your Bodyweight Workout:

    1. Focus on Quality of Movement: Everyone has this tendency to complete exercises as fast as they can, not focusing on the actual mechanics of the movement, but rather just getting it done as fast as possible! Take this opportunity to master the movements, focus on completing perfect reps and I think you will be pleasantly surprised when you return to the gym and take the same process to your weightlifting movements. You will find that your form will feel a lot more precise as well as you might find yourself able to lift a little more than you had been!
  • Implement Tempo(Eccentric & Concentric): This is probably the most effective way I know when it comes to maximizing any training session really but especially bodyweight only exercises. First of all, adding a tempo down (eccentric) compliments #1 on the list with ensuring quality reps. Eccentric tempo emphasizes muscle stretch and elongation under loaded conditions which allows the athlete to have a heightened sense of feel and awareness, ultimately helping them “perfect” their positioning and master their body mechanics which drastically increases muscle activation as well as motor unit recruitment per rep.
  • Use that Core: I feel like saying “use” or “activate” your core should be a no brainer when it comes to exercise, but it is just one of those things that not everyone thinks about. So how do we use our core more? First, focus on ”bracing” or squeezing your core during every second of every rep during each movement. Secondly, add more variations of core stabilization exercises to your workouts! Everyone has done a plank and sit ups over and over and over, try some new stuff, check out side planks, single leg or arm planks, bird dog planks and tons more. (You can find a bunch of ideas on my youtube channel:
  • Proper Posture: Having good posture goes hand in hand with using your core, I would even venture to say it is almost impossible to do one without doing the other! So some things to think about to improve your posture when completing these bodyweight exercises: Keep your head/neck tall, squeeze shoulder blades down and back, stomach(rib cage) down, hips back and core braces throughout each exercise. Use this time to maximize the benefits of each rep while you're using only your bodyweight, but also this should be something that translates to every movement you complete, weighted or not.
  • How to Add Intensity: If you are an intermediate/advanced athlete, basic bodyweight movements can seem easy but that doesn't mean these movements can't have an intensity factor. “In fact, properly executed bodyweight exercises, specifically when eccentric isometrics are incorporated, should be promoting maximal full body tension, maximal effort, and maximal mental concentration in order to create the highest levels of intramuscular tension and motor unit recruitment. possible.”

  • If you focus on these things during your next workout, bodyweight or not, you will be pleasantly surprised by the results. I am going to add some basic bodyweight exercise routine for y'all to try out and have something to base your future workouts on!! Grab your training buddies and have fun with these.

    Bodyweight Workout Ideas(add tempo to these, focus on perfect movement)

    • Burpee: Set Clock for 7 minutes, and complete as many reps of burpees in 30 seconds as you can, and rest for 30 seconds. Repeat this for 7 minutes.

    • 5 sets: For Quality Reps:

    6-10 reps/side Walking High Knees

    rest 20 seconds

    3-8 reps/side Plank with Abduction

    rest 20 seconds

    6-10 reps/side Bird Dog(hold 2 seconds per rep)

    Rest 60 seconds

    • 12 minutes AMRAP: As Many Perfect Reps As Possible.

    5 - 8 reps/side Reverse Lunge

    rest 30 seconds

    20-40 sec Side Plank/side

    rest 30 seconds

    10-12 reps Glute Bridge w/ 2 sec hold at top

    rest 30 seconds

    3-10 reps Incline Push Up

    rest 60 seconds

    *Beginners: 5 reps/side Reverse Lunge/ 20 sec Side Plank/ 10 rep Glute Bridge/ 3-5 reps Incline Push Up

    *Intermediate: 6-8 reps/side Reverse Lunge/ 30 sec Side Plank/ 12 rep Glute Bridge/ 5-7 reps Incline Push Up

    *Advanced: 8 reps/side Reverse Lunge/ 40 sec Side Plank/ 12 rep Glute Bridge/ 8-10 reps Incline Push Up

    • EMOM x 8 Minutes

    Minute 1: @20x1;  20 seconds ON; Air Squat 

    Minute 2: 20 seconds ON Push Up Shoulder Tap

    @20x1; 2 seconds down, 0 seconds in the bottom, eXplode Up, 1 sec reset at top!

    *EMOM = Every Minute On The Minute

    * Set the clock for 8 minutes, in the first minute you will complete 20 seconds of continuous air squats at the tempo prescribed! You will rest with the remaining 40 seconds, then you will complete 20 seconds of push up shoulder taps and rest with remaining time in the minute and repeat until time has expired!

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