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Counting the Costs: The True Expense of Chasing Rodeo Dreams and How To Reinvest In Yourself 
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Counting the Costs: The True Expense of Chasing Rodeo Dreams and How To Reinvest In Yourself 

“I can’t afford it.” 
I don’t get this objection a lot, but when I do it’s from guys that are trying to get to the top level in rodeo but aren’t quite there yet. That mindset is EXACTLY why they aren’t there. Lets take a stroll down expense lane and talk about it: 
Let’s paint with a broad brush and say you go to 55 rodeos a year. Quite a few but about half as much as others. I think that’s fair. 
Let’s also assume an average entry fee of $80. Conservative to say the least but I’m reasonable. 
Entry fees: $4,400 yearly. 
Now let’s just assume to go to 55 rodeos you travel 40,000 miles. Some have a bus or camper, others have a Honda so let’s just take the average and say 20 miles to the gallon at $3.20 a gallon: $6,400 yearly. 
Now what about food? You leave the day before, come home the day after most rodeos are on the same weekend so let’s just go with 35 weeks a year. 4 days gone per weekend. $20 a meal is a little high, but not an unreasonable average. 2 meals a day cause I know you ain’t up in time for breakfast. 
Food: $5,600 a year 
Can we say that you’ll spend $2,500 a year on equipment or miscellaneous? 
We’re not going to calculate Copenhagen snuff and keystones… 
If you’re keeping up, that’s $18,900 a year you’re spending to rodeo part time. PART TIME. 
How many of those rodeos are you winning money at? 50%? 25%? Less?! How much money are you spending to miss one out or fall off at the end of the gate?! 
Yet here we are, you’ve asked me to help you and then have told me it’s too expensive. 
Feeling good comes at a cost. It’s an investment. You have to make sacrifices to get to the top. Some of our highest achieving clients, I’m talking world champions, never bat an eye when they hear the price. Why? Because they will do whatever it takes to feel better, ride better, and establish themselves as a GOAT in the rodeo industry. 
Love y’all but some of you need to sit down and reevaluate how much this dream is really worth. Not because I want to get paid, but because without investing in yourself, you’ll never make it. 
📸- @davemckissickphotography
Author: Logan Corbett

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