As I moved on to college and focused on the sport of rodeo at the collegiate and professional level, my passion for fitness grew much deeper! I knew that in order to be successful at these levels of competition I would need to be in the best physical shape possible! I worked out 4-5 times per week in a regular gym and then moved on to a local CrossFit gym that I absolutely fell in love with! I went on to become a Level Certified Trainer in 2014 and then added a Strength & Conditioning CrossFit Football certification in 2016

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While competing in rodeo, I was involved in a pretty bad wreck when a horse rolled into a fence with me, fracturing my collar bone, ribs and my spine (L4,L5 &S1). I ended up having a spinal fusion and was completely debilitated for two months before I began the long road to rehabilitation.With my knowledge from coaching, I was able to do my own rehab without a physical therapist, slowly putting myself back together and eventually I looked up and saw that I was better than I had ever been - even before the accident. I began competing in CrossFit about a year after I began my rehabilitation, and worked my way up to the top 2% of the world in Competitive CrossFit physical fitness in 2017. This is one of the accomplishments I'm most proud of, and I believe it makes me a better coach because I had to learn first-hand that through consistency, patience, proper nutrition, goal setting, and the right individualized fitness programs that anything is possible when it comes to improving your health and overall wellness!I feel that my wide range of knowledge and experience allows me to adapt/use many creative methods to achieve each client's individualized goals, whether you want to be an elite level athlete in your sport or want to be a badass at everyday life we are here for you and can help!